Nuclear Security

Talk by Dr David Lowry to the European Environment Foundation Convention of Environmental Laureates, Freiburg, Germany, 10?13 April 2014 entitled “Ramping up of nuclear power in the UK: Implications for nuclear secrecy and insecurity.”

The final communiqué of the Global Nuclear Security Conference held in March 2014 in The Hague insisted that “measures to strengthen nuclear security will not hamper the rights of States to develop and use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes”. Dr Victor Gilinsky, a former member of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, noted in 2009 that “even so-called arms controllers fall over themselves trying to establish their bona fides by supporting nuclear energy development and devising painless proposals…” Gilinsky advocates a reversal of priorities: “Security should come first – not as an afterthought. We should support as much nuclear power as is consistent with international security; not as much security as the spread of nuclear power will allow.” And in my view that means zero nuclear power.

The full talk is available here.



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