Welsh Waste Policy

The Welsh Government is carrying out a review of its Policy on the Management and Disposal of Higher Activity Radioactive Waste. The Welsh Government’s preliminary view is that it should adopt a policy on HAW similar to that developed by the UK Government’s – deep geological ‘disposal’ through a Geological Disposal Facility. It also rejects the Scottish Government policy. In this second consultation it is seeking final views on HAW policy before it determines whether to make a final view on its formal policy. The Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) response recommends that the Welsh Government adopts the Scottish Government policy on HAW. The consultation closed on 22nd January 2015. (1&2)

Friends of the Earth Cymru agreed: “The Scottish Government has decided to deal with its own nuclear waste and not take on the burden of England’s radioactive legacy. The Welsh Government should follow Scotland’s lead and take responsibility solely for Wales’ nuclear waste.” (3)

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