Uranium Exploitation and Environmental racism

The draft Nuclear Industry Association ‘Justification Application’ – dated June 2008 – devotes only seven paragraphs to general discussion of uranium supplies, and  eight further paragraphs in the Annex 1 on the nuclear fuel cycle (three on uranium mining and milling, and five on enrichment). None address the environmental consequences of uranium mining and milling. There is nothing on radiological risk to uranium miners and populations living in the vicinity of uranium mines and the radioactive waste arisings. This submission by David Lowry to the Justification Consultation which closed on 25th March 2009, thus rectifies this omission, and includes as illustration  primary materials ( and associated references) covering problems encountered in the major uranium production countries (Australia, United States, Canada, Kazakhstan, & Namibia, and some more minor ones such as the Czech Republic, France and  eastern Germany).

Uranium exploitation and environmental racism

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