Sweden wants to transfer ownership of 834 kg of separated plutonium to UK

The Swedish government is set to approve the transfer of ownership of 834 kg of separated plutonium from the Swedish nuclear power company OKG to the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, NDA. OKG has applied to the government for permission for the transfer. On March 14 the regulator, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, announced that it supported the transaction. Several transactions have been made between NDA and foreign owners of plutonium in the UK to transfer ownership of plutonium. The planned Swedish transfer is one of the larger. As a result of the decision to shut the Thorp reprocessing plant in Sellafield in 2018 the UK Government is also in the process of consulting on the possibility to take over ownership of about 30 tonnes of spent fuel that is under contract for reprocessing in the UK but that for various reasons may not be reprocessed before Thorp is to be shut down.

International Panel on Fissile Materials 18th March 2014

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