NDA & ‘Credibility of Evidence Base’

For the Autumn 2008 Waste Planning Hearing into the Waste Framework to be adopted by Cumbria County Council, the Inspector had requested evidence concerning whether the proposed approach to radioactive wastes was based on a “robust and credible evidence base”. The response provided by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) did not make any sense. Phil Davies of Nuclear Waste Advisory Associates (NWAA) pursued the matter in order to obtain a more robust response from the NDA. Despite a number of requests to NDA to forward their evidence, the NDA were unable to supply the documentation requested. Subsequently in August 2010, following a request form Rachel Western (also of NWAA) the NDA stated that it was the responsibility of Cumbria County Council to supply the Evidence Base on radioactive waste.

NDA – Lack of Credible Evidence Base ( CCC – Nov 2008)

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