Letter from CoRWM members on new build waste

A letter from four members of the first Committee on Radioactive Waste Management regarding new build waste. Andy Blowers, Gordon Mackerron, Mary Allan and Pete Wilkinson write to Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change (at the time Ed Miliband) to express concern that our recommendations have been seriously misrepresented in the draft National Policy Statement on Nuclear Energy published on 9th November 2009. The Government says it is satisfied that effective arrangements will exist to manage and dispose of the waste that will be produced from new nuclear power stations. CoRWM was quite clear: new build wastes would extend the timescales for implementation, possibly for very long, but essentially unknowable, future periods. Further, the political and ethical issues raised by the creation of more wastes are quite different from those relating to committed – and, therefore, unavoidable – wastes. Should a new build programme be introduced, in CoRWM’s view it would require a quite separate process to test and validate proposals for the management of the wastes arising.


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