Government publishes MRWS Annual Report 28/06/11

The Government today published the first annual report of its Managing Radioactive Waste Safely Programme. The programme is focused on implementing the long-term geological disposal of our higher activity radioactive waste. Alongside this, the Government published a consultation on how potential sites for geological disposal will be identified and assessed. Charles Hendry, Minister of State for Energy, told a meeting of the Geological Disposal Implementation Board in London today: “Today’s annual report and proposals for identifying and assessing possible sites show that we are making progress in this vital area. I want us to continue to be ambitious in our timescales for delivery. I would like us to set a goal of putting the first waste into a geological disposal facility by the end of 2029. I have tasked the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to look at opportunities for accelerating progress to meet this aim.”

DECC Press Release 28th June 2011

First Annual Report on MRWS Programme 28th June 2011

Managing Radioactive Waste Safely: Desk-based identification and assessment of potential candidate sites for geological disposal – a public consultation.
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