Do we want Cumbria to be the UK’s nuclear dump? 22/06/11

The issue about whether Cumbria should host the UK’s nuclear dump was debated enthusiastically at a public meeting in Whitehaven at the end of June 2011. It was organised by West Cumbria Managing Radioactive Waste Safely Partnership, an advisory body specifically created to investigate whether the plan should be supported in Cumbria. Cherry Wade, from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), told the meeting: “We would not want to proceed unless we were confident that a site was safe. For those parts of west Cumbria which are still potentially in consideration for this process the amount of geological information available is highly variable. For most of the region insufficient information exists on which to take a decision on the suitability to host a geological disposal facility. Even for those areas where more information is available it would be necessary to evaluate it further in the light of the advanced knowledge which has taken place since the early stages and make sure the information and the understanding is up to date.”

Carlisle News and Star 22nd June 2011

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