The Atomic Ostrich

The Atomic Ostrich policy: UK ignores Swedish landmark court decision in backing flawed radioactive waste technology. A path-breaking decision was taken by the Swedish independent Environmental Court on Tuesday this week to reject arguments advanced by the Swedish nuclear waste industry and Swedish nuclear regulator  in favour of the plans to bury long-lived high-activity  radioactive waste underground, in support  of independent  scientific criticism  by the Swedish umbrella  group, MKG, representing five major environmental groups. My observations are included in an article I reproduce  below. Meanwhile, today the UK Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy department has released 890 pages of consultation documents on developing nuclear waste repository, which includes advocacy of the very  packaging  technology using copper, rejected two days earlier in Sweden, where the technology ( called KBS3)  has been developed. It is the Ostrich posture: as Professor Andrew Blowers quotes evocatively in his  magisterial book ‘The Legacy of Nuclear Power’ (Routledge, 2017) of the French nuclear industry on the Cotentin Peninsula, where La Hague (France’s Sellafield) is located: “The Cotentin is like an ostrich. It puts its head in the sand. It doesn’t see the hunter, but the hunter blasts its backside with his gun!”

David Lowry’s Blog 25th Jan 2018


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