Disposal System Safety Case

The NDA has published a suite of scientific and technical reports which explain all of the safety factors it believes need to be considered when it submits an application to the nuclear regulators for permission to operate a deep geological disposal facility. The reports, collectively known as the Disposal System Safety Case (DSSC), cover a host of safety issues including: the waste to be disposed of and how it will need to be packaged; the safety of the transport to and within the disposal facility; and the safety of operating such a complex facility and the safety to the environment during all of these phases and into the future long after the facility has been closed.

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 23rd February 2011

The safety case for a geological disposal facility is currently at an early state of development, as we do not have a site and no design for the facility has been chosen. The NDA describes this Disposal System Safety Case as “generic” as it covers a range of possible disposal environments and facility designs. The suite of documents we have produced to make up the generic Disposal System Safety Case is available here.

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