Scottish Higher Activity Radioactive Waste Policy

On the 20th January 2011 the Scottish Government published Scotland’s Higher Activity Radioactive Waste Policy 2011 The Scottish Government Policy is that the long-term management of higher activity radioactive waste should be in near-surface facilities. Facilities should be located as near to the site where the waste is produced as possible. Developers will need to demonstrate how the facilities will be monitored and how waste packages, or waste, could be retrieved.

Scottish Government Higher Activity Radioactive Waste Policy 20th January 2011

The Scottish Government also published a series of additional documents: Guide to Radiation and Radioactivity; Higher Activity Radioactive Waste in Scotland; Legislative and Regulatory Framework for the Management of Radioactive Waste; Treatment Options for Radioactive Waste; International Examples of Near-Surface Facilities; and a Glossary of Terms

Scottish Government 20th January 2011

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