CoRWM – Managing our Radioactive Waste Safely

On 31st July 2006 the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management submitted its recommendations to Government. This final report was published in November 2006. Although CoRWM said it considered “geological disposal” to be the best approach for the long-term management of higher activity waste, it also said that the uncertainties surrounding the implementation of geological disposal lead it to recommend a continued committment to the safe and secure management of wastes that is robust against the risk of delay or failure in the repository programme. The Committee wanted to see an intensified programme of R&D into the long-term safety of geological disposal, as well as into improved means for storing wastes. CoRWM said it did not want its recommendations to be seized upon as providing a green light for new build because new build wastes would extend the timescales for implementation, possibly for very long, but essentially unknowable future periods and the the political and ethical issues raised by the creation of more wastes are quite different from those relating to committeed – and therefore unavoidale wastes.

Managing our Radioactive Waste Safely, CoRWM November 2006.

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